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Wendell And His Journey

Daren Wendell is the man who ran 100 marathon in 100 days and in the second half of his marathon his 99th in as many days he taken the longest break of his day and was content filling up with his French fries and wraps.

He said that it was assumption by people that he eats healthy which he said was completely wrong. He said that he intakes almost 6000-7000 calories everyday so that he can keep up with his energy. He will be running 100 marathons in 100 days to raise over $100000 for clean water and so he stops three times during every day run to eat in order to accomplish the goal.

Daren Wendell
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Oldenburg speaks about her experience

Bridget Oldenburg, an exercise buff and independent online fitness coach, went to Cypress from Pennsylvania, United States in 2012’s March. Bridget, who is a running enthusiast, found a running club a huge priority following the move. She was very concerned about seeing a group which would welcome her as well as challenge her to turn into a better runner, and then she was pleased to found Cypress Running Club.

Bridget told that Running was an immense part of her life that she knew that she required to find running friends right away. She was very nervous to move hundreds of miles away from her home in the United States and have to meet new running friends. When she came here, she was welcomes by the Cypress Running Club that meets on a regular basis for training runs. Their members back each other at races as well as on social media. More than that, she has formed a great friendship with other members of the club.

She told that this is like one of her family. She added that they back each other in bad and good times – even if it is not running. She has improved her performance after joining Cypress Running Club and she has even qualified for Boston Marathon next year.

She told that being a member of Cypress Running Club has absolutely helped her running performance and my confidence in her running ability. She has also improved her marathon time by twenty minutes.