Wendell And His Journey

Daren Wendell is the man who ran 100 marathon in 100 days and in the second half of his marathon his 99th in as many days he taken the longest break of his day and was content filling up with his French fries and wraps.

He said that it was assumption by people that he eats healthy which he said was completely wrong. He said that he intakes almost 6000-7000 calories everyday so that he can keep up with his energy. He will be running 100 marathons in 100 days to raise over $100000 for clean water and so he stops three times during every day run to eat in order to accomplish the goal.

Daren Wendell

Daniele his wife is also accompanying him for the rides and joins him for some runs every week. Wendell travels with a small group who follow him in an RV. The entourage had been sleeping in the RV for almost the first 60 days but now people have started offering free rooms and credit card points to put the group up in hotels, though he also got offered some free accomodation in Scottish chartering yachts?!

Wendell has said that Mexico because of its terrain and running both have been one of the most difficult journeys and was not well received by the locals. Mexico did not have roads to run at times and because of which when he was on main road woman yelled at him that he was scaring his cows. He has said that every passing day it is getting better than the previous.

Wendell has exclaimed that for him each and every moment is the best moment as he is getting closer to the end. He said that there were around 200 people that had joined him and he was glad that his body has put up well through all these miles that he had covered. He has said that it was all a little luck, a bit of prayer and a lot of training as to how he made it through this far.